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Two Hockey Team Members in the Krusty Krab.

The Bikini Bottom Hockey Team is the local hockey team in Bikini Bottom. They are a group of large fish that have appeared in two episodes: "Chum Bucket Supreme" and "Krabs à la Mode."

Bikini Bottom Hockey Team could refer to the ones on TV or the Chum Bucket in the books or the Jellyfishers in the books.


Clancy Brown and Bill Fagerbakke each portrayed one of the players.


Title Role(s) in episode
"Krabs à la Mode" (tr) When the Krusty Krab froze and became an ice rink, the hockey team paid Krabs to practice there.
"Chum Bucket Supreme" (tr) Profits for the Chum Bucket reached the roof with the help of a slogan. The hockey team came to eat the chum and beat up Plankton after he said many horrible comments about the customers.


  • Coincidentally, both of their appearances occurred where a restaurant was highly successful.
  • They appear to express the habit of tackling people.
  • There is no explanation for a hockey team to be residing in Bikini Bottom given that there is rarely snow, unless it's indoor hockey.

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