The Bikini Bottom Dentist's Office is the main dental clinic that appears in the series.




First seen briefly in "The Whole Tooth," it has a sign with the word "DENTIST" written with dark blue. Upside it, there is a man with a drill, aiming at a tooth. The whole building has at least 11 windows.


First seen briefly in "Mid-Life Crustacean," one of the rooms where the dentists do their job, has three seats, a painting and blue floor. In "The Whole Tooth", it was seen that the hall has a pink lounge chair with other two armchairs, a green carpet, a blue clock, four plants (one of them on a small brown table), lots of paintings related to teeth and a blue floor. It also has a aquarium with some algae, a diver wearing an outfit and a house (exactly similar with that SpongeBob has), a sign with light blue background, the word "TEETH!" written with white and two eyes with a smile, two little closets (the first downside the aquarium and the second one right after the lounge chair) and a shelf with nine books (besides the first six and the other three, there is a tooth), which has upside a radio player and picture of someone smiling. On the carpet, there are toys, including a red/white ball, a boat, and others.

Role in SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

Mid-Life CrustaceanEdit

SpongeBob and Patrick wanted to have fun with Mr. Krabs and they went in several places, one of them that place.

The Whole ToothEdit

Patrick's last baby tooth was hurting himself and he went with SpongeBob there. The first time he went there, he went out nervously after refusing to SpongeBob and Dr. Mundane about taking out his baby tooth. The second time, after SpongeBob telling him about the tooth fairy, he went there and Dr. Mundane extracted it, without any pain.

Chatterbox GaryEdit

After Sandy gets a teeth cleaning here, SpongeBob tells her that Gary can talk. Sandy says she invented a device that makes nuts talk. She says that walnuts are extra nutty.

Associated charactersEdit


Patients and visitorsEdit

  • SpongeBob (patient)
  • Patrick (patient)
  • Mr. Krabs (patient)
  • Sandy (patient)