The Bikini Bottom Convention Hall is a location that first appears in the episode "Shell of a Man." It serves as the main setting for the second half of the episode. It also makes a cameo in "Two Thumbs Down."




The exterior of the Bikini Bottom Convention Hall resembles a torpedo in the sand that is green in color. There is also a sign that says "Welcome Navy Buddies" on the front side.


The inside of the Convention Center has metallic walls and tables where the navy buddies can sit at to discuss their past actions. There is also a stage where they announced the winner of the manly toughness award.

Role in the series

"Shell of a Man"

Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob went here to meet up with Mr. Krabs' navy buddies again. However, Mr. Krabs molted his shell and was too ashamed to show himself in front of his navy buddies due to his weak body. Mr. Krabs then had SpongeBob get inside his and masquerade as himself. The plans were going well as SpongeBob managed to get Mr. Krabs' navy buddies to think he is "Armor Abs Krabs" until he was announced for the Manly Toughness Award. SpongeBob accidentally talked about blowing bubbles and Jellyfish Fields but, fortunately for him, the navy buddies still believed he was Mr. Krabs. However, when SpongeBob gave Torpedo Belly a "steely belly butt," the shell broke and SpongeBob was revealed in front of everyone. Mr. Krabs then appeared and revealed to everyone his condition. As Mr. Krabs is about to leave with SpongeBob, Mutton Chop handed over the Manly toughness award saying admitting that he molted his shell was the toughest thing he has ever seen. Then, the rest of Mr. Krabs' navy buddies all reveal their conditions and all shared a laugh. Mr. Krabs feels bad for them telling SpongeBob that his shell will grow back eventually.

Shower In A Can!
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"Two Thumbs Down"

It appears towards the end of the Thumbs Song. It is hosting Thumb Con.