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Online game
Bikini Bottom Bust Up
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Bikini Bottom Bust Up is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The player plays as SpongeBob brawling against other competitors in a Bikini Bottom Karate Championship. The player uses the A key combined with the left or right arrow key to punch, and the S key combined with the left or right arrow key to kick in the desired direction. The left and right arrow keys are also used to dodge attacks from your opponent. When the bar is full SpongeBob can use a special attack (which is throwing Gary onto the opponent which he scratches). SpongeBob must attack his opponents until their green health meter turns red and they are defeated while also trying to dodge their attacks to make sure he is not defeated himself. After SpongeBob defeats Patrick, Sandy and Squidward he wins the championship and beats the game. There is also a hardcore mode unlocked after beating the normal mode. In it, all the opponents are wearing black belts and the game is much harder.



  • SpongeBob and his opponents have unique special attacks.
    • SpongeBob throws Gary at his opponent and Gary scratches them.
    • Patrick sends a ball of water toward SpongeBob.
    • Sandy whips SpongeBob with her tail.
    • Squidward spins himself in a tornado-like pattern toward SpongeBob, cutting him with his tentacles.
  • There are two differences between SpongeBob and his opponents:
    • SpongeBob's opponents block instead of dodging.
    • SpongeBob's opponents can only punch, while SpongeBob can punch and kick.
  • Patrick and Sandy jump outside the range of attacks while performing their special move and cannot be hit while performing it.


SpongeBob Games Bikini Bottom Bust Up Gameplay13:13

SpongeBob Games Bikini Bottom Bust Up Gameplay

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