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Bikini Bottom Beat! is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


Test your rhythm skills in this SpongeBob music game! Play along with SpongeBob, Patrick, Larry, and Sandy in this adventure with new original songs.

Series of 5 musical mini-games with SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Plankton and more! Tap along to the beat!

  • Krusty Krab - It's lunch time at the Krusty Krab, and SpongeBob is flipping Krabby Patties! Sing as SpongeBob to serve the hungry customers with awesome rhythm!
  • Goo Lagoon - Tap to smack the volleyball in this high paced musical mini-game with Larry the Lobster!
  • Jellyfish Fields - SpongeBob and Patrick are playing in Jellyfish fields, and there a lot of Jellyfish to catch! Follow the beat to successfully catch Jellyfish as they approach SpongeBob!
  • Sandys Treedome - Sandy is jamming on her guitar, and SpongeBob is joining in on the fun!
  • The Chum Bucket - SpongeBob and friends are in the holiday spirit! Sing in front of the Chum Bucket to fill Plankton with Christmas joy!


  • All levels have bronze, silver, or gold medals that are rewarded based off of the player's score
  • In-game achievements available for Krusty Krab, Sandy's Treedome, Jellyfish Fields, and Goo Lagoon levels


  • Patrick's eyelids are pink in the game title.
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SpongeBob SquarePants Bikini Bottom Beat - Nickelodeon Games

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