Bikini Bottom Bakery


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Industry: Bakery
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Bakery Cashier
Mr. Bakerman
Products: Baked goods
First appearance: "Band Geeks" (original)
"No Nose Knows" (muffin-shaped)
Mooncation (oven-shaped)
List of places

The Bikini Bottom Bakery is a bakery that appeared in the episodes "No Nose Knows," "Overbooked," "Mooncation," and "Band Geeks." It sells foods such as bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. It is not announced if it will re-appear in newer episodes.




The interior looks like a normal bakery. It has all kinds of baked goods. In Overbooked, where SpongeBob gets a cake for Patrick, you can see that there are a line of cakes. It mostly sells cakes. The glass window at the side was seen in the episode Band Geeks, where Mrs. Puff reads the poster. The words on the cake read "Sorry about the Scabies", but SpongeBob asked if the cashier could change the letters to "Happy Birthday." The cashier later replied with "Look kid, I haven't got all night, do you want it or not?"


Outside it has a huge plastic pie on the roof. It also has a window at the side and has two or three tables and stools to eat at. On the top of the building, you can see a small pipe as a chimney. You can also see the word, Bakery at the top front. Squidward stuck a poster on it, advertising his band.

Role in the series

In "Band Geeks," Mrs. Puff reads the sign for Squidward's band here.

In "No Nose Knows," when Patrick has his new nose, he smells the smell of fresh pastries, that Nat Peterson and Fred want to eat.

In "Overbooked," SpongeBob has to get a Birthday Cake for Patrick. There was also a very annoyed cashier.

In "Mooncation," SpongeBob goes here to buy a cake for Sandy as she went on vacation to the moon.

Associated characters

  • Mrs. Puff - customer
  • Fred - customer
  • Patrick - customer
  • Charlie - customer
  • Nat Peterson - customer
  • SpongeBob - customer


  1. "Band Geeks"
  2. "No Nose Knows"
  3. "Overbooked"
  4. "Mooncation"

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