The Bikini Bottom Bakery is a bakery that appears in the episodes "Band Geeks," "No Nose Knows," "Overbooked," and "Mooncation." It sells foods such as bread, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. It has not been announced if it will re-appear in newer episodes.




In "Overbooked," the floor is tiled, with half the tiles being pink, the other half being light pink. The back wall is blue, and there is a window in it. Below the window, there is a large counter with cupboards. There are multiple products, like loaves of bread, located on the counter.

In front of the counter, there is a glass counter, which doubles as a display case, showing the various baked goods the bakery produces. On it, there is a cash register.

In "Mooncation," the floor is tiled, with all the tiles being gray. The wall is light green, and there is both a dark green door with a window and a window with a dark green border in it. There are shelves filled with loaves of bread in front of the wall, and below the window, there is a green counter with green cupboards and various products on it.

In front of the counter, there is a glass counter with bamboo border. It also doubles as a display case, showing the various baked goods the bakery produces. There is also a red ticket machine that dispenses red tickets. Attached to it is a small white sign with the words "Take a number" in purple writing.


In "Band Geeks," only a small portion of the bakery is seen. The wall seen is gray, and there is a window with a bamboo border. On the window, the word "Bakery" is written in red writing with a white outline. Inside, multiple baked goods can be seen.

In "No Nose Knows," the bakery resembles a giant brown muffin, with an exhaust pipe attached to the muffin's top and side. The bakery has a red door with a window on it, and a large window on the door's right. Above the window and door, the word "Bakery" is written in red writing.

In "Mooncation," the bakery resembles a large oven, with a large exhaust pipe attached to the roof, and a smaller on attached to the building's back. On the top of the building, there is a light brown sign with the words "Bikini Bottom Bakery" in red writing, accompanied by a picture of a pie. The building's door is on the right side of the oven, with stairs leading to the door.

Role in the series

In "Band Geeks," Mrs. Puff reads the advertisement for Squidward's band that was attached to the bakery's window.

In "No Nose Knows," when Patrick has his new nose, he smells the freshly baked pastries Fred and Nat are about to eat outside the bakery. Patrick goes over to the pastries and sticks his face in them while sniffing their scent, disgusting Fred.

In "Overbooked," SpongeBob goes to the bakery to buy a birthday cake for Patrick. However, the Bakery Cashier offers him a cake saying "Sorry for the scabies." Since the cashier refuses to change the message to "Happy Birthday," SpongeBob buys the cake anyway.

In "Mooncation," SpongeBob goes here to buy a cake for Sandy as she went on vacation to the moon. He asks Mr. Bakerman to write "Have fun on the moon," before thinking of words that rhyme with "moon." When Mr. Bakerman suggests "loon," SpongeBob says that "See you soon" should be written.

Associated characters

  • Mrs. Puff - visitor
  • Fred - customer
  • Nat Peterson - customer
  • Patrick - visitor
  • Charlie - customer
  • SpongeBob - customer


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  2. "No Nose Knows"
  3. "Overbooked"
  4. "Mooncation"
  5. SpongeBob Moves In!

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