This is the page about Bikini Bottom Arcade. If you were looking for the article about the other arcade, then see Fun Arcade.

The Bikini Bottom Arcade is a place that only appears in the episode "Karate Star."




The Bikini Bottom Arcade resembles a giant barrel on its side. It also has a sign at the top that says "Bikini Bottom Arcade." on it.


The inside of the Arcade is very large. It has many games, one of which Harold "Bill" Reginald and Frankie-Billy are seen playing.

Role in episode

Patrick runs into the Bikini Bottom Arcade due to his uncontrollable karate chopping. He destroys an arcade game and scares off Harold and Billy.

Associated characters

  • Patrick Star - vandal
  • Harold "Bill" Reginald - customer
  • Frankie-Billy - customer

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