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Bikini Bottom 2
Writer: Dani Michaeli
Art: Jacob Chabot
Coloring: Rick Neilsen
Lettering: Comicraft
Comic information
Series: SpongeBob Comics
Comic: SpongeBob Comics No. 6
Page: 1 - 10
Previous: Face 2 Face
Next: Scared Square
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Bikini Bottom 2 is the first comic in SpongeBob Comics No. 6.



Sleepy Time 052
I can turn into a skyscraper!
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  • The roles of the characters in the Bikini Bottom 2 dimension are, in the order they appear:
    • Sandy is a villain named "Sandy Evil-Cheeks".
    • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy own a presumably unpopular restaurant, as there are no customers when SpongeBob learns about this, and Barnacle Boy seems to hate his job.
    • Plankton runs a restaurant named the "Cookie Bucket", with Mr. Krabs as his only known employee, and Karen and Plankton are presumably not married, as she is after the restaurant's Secret Cookie Formula.
    • SpongeBob and Patrick are a crime-fighting duo, with Karen and Sandy Evil-Cheeks as their only known enemies.
  • It is currently unknown why Karen is after the Cookie Bucket's Secret Cookie Formula.
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