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Bigshot Records

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Bigshot Records
Industry: Recording studio
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Ned and the Needlefish
The Stars
Unamed Owner
Products: Recordings
First appearance: "Wigstruck"
Latest appearance: "Sing a Song of Patrick"
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Bigshot Records is a recording studio that's been present since 1957 in downtown Bikini Bottom that has appeared in "Wigstruck," "Sing a Song of Patrick," and is mentioned in "Squid Wood." In the first appearance, the owner of the studio fired Ned and the Needlefish because he called Ned "Baldy McBaldyson" for not wearing a wig. In the second appearance, the band was recording songs for those who sent a poem in, including Patrick's song. However, due to Patrick's massive stench on the paper, the band literally died just as they finished recording it. The studio appeared in only two episodes. Bigshot Records has a huge building in downtown Bikini Bottom. The Bigshot Records building is seen in both episodes it was featured in. It is blue and at the top of the building "Bigshot Records" is read in capitalized letters in red.

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