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Big Mac Bartender


Big Mac The Bartender is a character featured in the video game Employee of the Month.


He looks like quite a tough fish, and owns The Rusty Anchor. He also seems quite friendly. He helped Mermaid Man get into the Invisible Boatmobile.


He lives in Rock Bottom and his job is the Bartender in the Rusty Anchor. His friends may be SpongeBob, Patrick, Mermaid Man and Jojo The Repairman.


  • His name is probably a parody of McDonald's famous hamburger called The Big Mac.
  • He is very similar to an unnamed cameo character in the TV series and other video games. It is possible that Big Mac and this cameo character are the same person.
  • He is one of the friends of the guy who forced SpongeBob and Patrick to give him the Patty Wagon in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

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