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Beware Flying Jellyfish

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2 - Journey to Atlantis by Vantis Short 2
Atlantis SquarePantis short №: 2
Airdate: November 13, 2007
Previous: "Are We There Yet?"
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"Beware Flying Jellyfish" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Atlantis SquarePantis short. In this short, Patrick gets stung by a jellyfish that attaches to his face.



While flying through the sea, Patrick decides to have some fun by sticking his head out of the window of the bus. SpongeBob tells him that this isn't a good idea, but Patrick doesn't listen and sticks his head back out the window. A jellyfish soon flies onto Patrick's face and it starts to sting him. Patrick manages to shake the jellyfish off and it flies away. SpongeBob wonders if Patrick has learned his lesson, but this is proven otherwise when he sticks his head back out the window once again.


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