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General Information
Address: 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom (unconfirmed)
Occupation(s): Teddy Bear
Aliases: SpongeBear Jr.
Confess-A-Bear (presumably)
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Teddy Bear
Siblings: Ms. Nibsy (possible relations)
Friends: SpongeBob
Squidward (possibly)
Patrick (possibly)
Sea Horse Toy
2-Headed Sea Serpent Toy
Rabbit Toy
Chick Toy
Series Information
First appearance: Skill Crane
Latest appearance: The Donut of Shame
List of characters

Beary is SpongeBob's teddy bear that he earned from a skill crane at the Krusty Krab. His first appearance was in Skill Crane and he made a cameo appearance in The Donut of Shame where he was having a tea party with SpongeBob, Patrick, and Ms. Nibsy. He is related to Ms. Nibsy.


  • Beary was the first toy SpongeBob pulled out in Skill Crane, but he then pulled out a duplicate version of him when demonstrating the best crane technique to Squidward. The duplicate version then disappeared.
  • Beary is one of three toy bears SpongeBob owns; the others being Confess-A-Bear, and Mr. Snuffykins.
  • When Squidward pulls out a stuffed animal from the crane, he appears to get a bear that appears similar to Beary.

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