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How to Defeat Prawn

After getting across the bridge, the bridge fall's down and it shows that you have to hit him 3 times. First dodge his French horn attack. Then it will stop and it will activate a path to hit Prawn. Bubble Bowl him. Go quickly, though. You only have a few seconds until the lights on the clear path is changed. Then there will be robots called Ham-mers. Then you have to destroy them. Do the same thing. On the red, there will be five to six robots. So you have to be good at this if you want to do this. Do it again. Once the boss's health is empty, Prawn is captured in ice and will get a frozen weggie. Then Mermaideman will reward you with a golden spatula.


  • Fodder
  • Chomp Bot
  • Monsoon
  • Sleepy Time
  • Arf
  • Arf Dawgs
  • G-love
  • Chuck
  • Slick
  • Tar-Tar Robot
  • Ham-mers
  • Tubelets:
  • Bzzzt-bots
  • Bomb Bots
  • Duplicatortron 1000
  • Duplicatortron 3000

How the robots work

  • Fodders: They have shocking wands to hit you.
  • Chomp Bots: They are similer to Foggers in TSSM (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.) They can put a bad smell on you.
  • Monsoon: He has a lightning attack. You can hit him by Bubble Bashing on the bottom.
  • Sleepytime: He is asleep. He wakes up if nobody sneaks. SpongeBob is sneaky enough to sneak up to him. Patrick can throw something to hit him. But he can't even stunt this robot.
  • Arf: He is a cowboy robot. He can shoot out Arf Dawgs from the Arf Dawg house.
  • Arf Dawgs: They are explodesion robots. They explode after a few seconds. They come from Arf. They are easy to hit.
  • G-love: G-loves are a green and purple robots. They spin. SpongeBob can Bubble Bounce them. Patrick can Belly Slam them. Sandy needs to use her lasso on them to defeat them.
  • Chuck: A dangerous robot. He throws water missiles at you. Bubble Bash him to make sure he doesn't hit you.
  • Slick: He has a sheld around him. Find a way to hit it to hit the robot and avoid his  oil attack.
  • Ham-mer: He is a slamming robot. He can use a hamer to hit you.
  • Tar-Tar Robot: He has a bucket of Tartar sauce on its back. Hit him and avoid his tartar.
  • Tubelet: They are a three stacked robot. Hit the first one. Then Bubble Bash to defeat them.
  • Bzzz Robot: They are a zapping robot. You get hurt when you get zapped on yellow.
  • Bomb Bot: They are same as Arf Dawgs. They blow up after two beeps.
  • Duplicatortron 1000: They will create robots until it's destroyed. It will go boom.
  • Duplicatortron 3000: The machine that was responsible for making the robots. It's located at the Chum Bucket. You can't destroy it (except in the GBA version). Then you will have to beat Robo SpongeBob, also knowned as SpongeBot SteelPants.


  • King Jellyfish: He is the 1st mini boss. He is at Spoark Mountain at Jellyfish Fields. His move is making jellyfishes and the electric shockwave. (This boss takes 3 hits.)
  • Robo Sandy: This robot is the 1st boss. She has taken over the whole Posiedome. First you start with SpongeBob. You have to dodge her attack. Then you will have to jump. Then Bubble Bash and the robot's head will pop up and hit the score board. Do this 2 more times. Then the score board will hit the side. Then Patrick said that he wanted to play. Now Patrick is up. Now do the same thing. But this time, after the Karate Chop, the robot will go to the strings that cover the area and the robot will do the Old Clothsline move. Jump over it. Then do the same. Then you will have to pick up the head. Then you have to throw it at the score board. Then the robot will get electricuted. Do it 2 more times. Then back to SpongeBob. You have to do it again. But then when the robot does the Old Clothsline move, it will now be 2 striged Old Clothline move. Go wisley. Then when the robot's head comes up, the robot will catch it. Bubble Bash it. Do this 2 more times. Once the robot's health is empty, it will get dizzy and fall down and you win. (It's nine hits.)

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