Bass Vegas is a bustling city that is much larger than Bikini Bottom. It makes an episode appearance in "Have You Seen This Snail?" It also appears in the game Bikini Bottom Brawlers.


It consists of numerous shops, casinos, and stores such as hotels, one of which is entitled Sleep. There is a coffee shop called Last Chance Coffee, a store called Appliances, a nail salon, another store called Acorn Hats, a police station called Bass Vegas Police Department, a super casino called Dinky Fudd's Clam Casino and Mega Mackerel Hotel, a jail called Bass Vegas Jail, another casino called Hotel Octoxor, a tea parlor, and a restaurant called Good To Eat. The city is also the home of Granny, who finds Gary, who she recognizes as "Miss Tuffsy".


  • Bass Vegas is a parody of the real life city Las Vegas.
  • Dinky Fudd is a parody of Elmer Fudd from the Looney Tunes shorts.