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Barnacle Chips

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Barnacle Chips
Barnacle Chips
Type: Food
Appearance: "Chocolate with Nuts"
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Barnacle Chips are a popular brand of potato chips. They are known for selling millions of bags a day. SpongeBob says they are "most certainly not delicious" and Patrick says they are delicious the way he uses them.


They make their debut appearance in the episode, "Chocolate with Nuts." The bag is red with white edges with capitalized yellow letters that say "Barnacle Chips." The billboard has pink and purple bursts. Both bursts have blue capitalized letters. The pink one says "Eat" while the purple one says "They're Delicious." The billboard also shows the actual chips and their logo, which can be read about below.

Advertising and marketing

It is shown that they "stretch the truth" so people would buy their chips. This inspired the two salesmen, SpongeBob and Patrick, to use this strategy which actually became successful. Since the company was so successful, it spreads into products into other places. They used billboards to advertise their product.

Their logo is a portrait of Barnacle Products Incorporated's CEO, Mr. Barnacle. In the logo, Mr. Barnacle is wearing a black cape and a black top hat with a red band.


  • The mascot could be a parody of the Pringles mascot, Mr. Pringles.

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