Barnacle Bill is a character who only appears in the two-part comic story "The Ballad of Barnacle Bill," featured in SpongeBob Comics No. 55 and 56.


He is an old guy with a pink nose and glasses whose body is a tree stump. He has a white shirt and his limbs are pointy.

Creation and development

Barnacle Bill was originally something of a prototype of Barnacle Boy. He was created to be Mermaid Man's friend who was a sailor.

His name was later used in "Party Pooper Pants" as one of the singers that Patchy mentions that Potty could have brought to his party.


  • Barnacle Bill's role in SpongeBob Comics #55 and #56 is an obvious reference to the popular cartoon character Popeye.
  • As shown in SpongeBob Comics No. 56, he suffers from brain damage due to woodworms eating his wooden brain.

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