Barg'N-Mart is one of the main supermarkets in Bikini Bottom. It first appears in the episode "Help Wanted."


Their most famous product is Kelpo cereal, but they also have products meeting all of one's spatula needs, as stated by SpongeBob in "Help Wanted." This store is the common marketplace for all Bikini Bottomites. The store functions much like a usual bargain store.

Products shown there include their wall of Kelpo, their paper towels; commonly used with the slogans "in town" or "around" (as mentioned in "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler"), deodorant, baby powder, soup, and night lights. In the video game Employee of the Month, it is shown to sell cooking oil, jellyfish jelly, Kelpo, TVs, and Food-in-a-can.



Barg'N-Mart resembles a huge treasure chest with a skull-and-crossbones and there is a sign that appears to be designed like a scroll or map, which depicts the store's name written in black text.


The interior of Barg'N-Mart has orange walls and a metal floor. When a customer first walks in, there is a cash register to the right. There is also an express lane as well. In "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?," it is revealed that there is a freezer section within the store.

Role in series

Barg'N-Mart is a common store that a majority of Bikini Bottom goes to. It appears in many episodes and seems to be the local supermarket for SpongeBob and the other Bikini Bottomites.

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  • The name is similar to the Kwik-E-Mart, a liquor store owned and employed by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon in The Simpsons.
  • Their slogan, "Meeting all your spatula needs," is reminiscent of the fictional spatula store Spatula City from the 1989 movie UHF.
  • In "Bunny Hunt," it is called "Grocery."
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