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The Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank is a location that appears in the episode "Safe Deposit Krabs," and it serves as the main setting for that episode. It also appears in the short, "Fish Food Rescue: The Krusty Krab."



The outside of the Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank greatly resembles a giant crate that is white in color. It also has two doors with two windows on both doors. It has two columns and a sign that says "Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank" at the top.


The inside of the Bank resembles any other bank. There are four places where the customers can go and withdraw or deposit their money.

The Bank also contains a large vault, a safe deposit box room, and an elaborate drain system which links to a Bikini Bottomite's house.

Role in the series

"Safe Deposit Krabs"

The Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank was first announced by Johnny Erain when he said that the Mayor was talking about the grand opening. The Mayor then told that the first 100 customers that join the Bank will receive "instant interest" much to Mr. Krabs' delight. However, when trying to get into the safe, Mr. Krabs ended up getting trapped in the Bank overnight. SpongeBob and Patrick attempted to break into the Bank with no success but, eventually, Mr. Krabs was later released the next day.

"Fish Food Rescue: The Krusty Krab"

The bank appears in the short during the montage of Mr. Krabs with money, where Mr. Krabs was locked up in the vault of money in the bank.

Associated characters

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  • As revealed by Nancy Suzy Fish, the slogan for the bank is "Thanks for banking with Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank."
  • The word "bank" is used twice in the name.

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