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Bank manager
General information
Interests: Money
Occupation(s): Bank manager of the Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Purple
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
First appearance: "Safe Deposit Krabs"
Latest appearance: "Safe Deposit Krabs"
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The Bank manager is a character that only appears near the end of the episode "Safe Deposit Krabs." He manages the new Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank.


The bank manager is a tall, light purple fish. He wears a suit with shoes and a blue tie. He also wears glasses. He resembles one of Howard Blandy's Partners.


The bank manager is first seen when he notices SpongeBob and Patrick attempting to break into the Bank. SpongeBob says he wants to withdraw Mr. Krabs leaving the Bank Manager to head toward the safe not believing SpongeBob. As the Bank Manager opens the safe, he notices Mr. Krabs wrestling with a vacuum cleaner and then he gets a policeman kick them out of the Bank.

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