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Bangles and Dangles
Mall Girl Pearl 049
Industry: Jewelry store
Location: Bikini Bottom Mall, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Nixie (sales associate)
Bangles and Dangles manager (manager)
Products: Jewelry
Appearance: "Mall Girl Pearl"
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Bangles and Dangles is a jewelry store that is only seen in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl."


The exterior of Bangles and Dangles is shown to have pink wooden walls outside and around it. There are two windows and an entrance in the middle without doors. The sign displaying "Bangles and Dangles" can be seen at the top.

Role in the episode

During the episode, Pearl visited Bangles and Dangles in attempt to get a job. One of Pearl's friends, Nixie, works here pleading with her to get a job there. Nixie agrees to take Pearl to the manager but she quickly turns Pearl down saying the only thing they don't dangle there is "hope."

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