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"Backstage Pants" is a SpongeBob SquarePants special. It is a series of some short clips hosted by crew members. It can be found in the Nautical Nonsense and Sponge Buddies DVD.

"Ripped Pants"

  • Tom Kenny (SpongeBob) talks about "Ripped Pants," his favorite episode.
  • Tom talks about SpongeBob's underwear.



"Graveyard Shift"

  • Stephen Hillenburg (show creator) talks about sponges.
  • Jay Lender (Storyboard Director/Writer) shares a little anecdote about SpongeBob.
  • Jay shares a story about Nosferatu.

"Something Smells"

  • Tom talks about SpongeBob's bed.
  • Tom talks about talks about SpongeBob's snail pet, Gary.
  • Bill describes something really, really stinky.
  • Tom tells a story about stinky stuff in San Francisco.
  • Tom & Bill recording their voices.
  • Mr. Lawrence (writer and voice of Plankton) talks about "the stench."
  • Derek Drymon (Creative Director) and Steve describe the smell.


  • Tom talks about SpongeBob's relationship with Squidward.
  • Squidward's laugh.
  • Tom talks about what SpongeBob does with the jellyfish he catches.
  • Steve talks about jellyfishing while playing with his paper jellyfish in the office.

"Dying for Pie"

  • All about Mr. Krabs.
  • BOOM - talking about the bomb.


  • Carolyn tells us why Sandy is in the bottom of the ocean.


"Club SpongeBob"

  • Squidward's interests.


  • Out of all of these, the episode "Something Smells" has the most clips.