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Industry: Television station
Employment: Director
Casting Director
First appearance: "Model Sponge"
Latest appearance: "Model Sponge"
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Bikini Bottom Television, abbreviated as BBTV, is a television station that only appears in the episode "Model Sponge." In that episode, the Photographer makes the TV spot New Sponge. The Casting Director also works here. SpongeBob worked at BBTV for a short time as a kitchen sponge.


BBTV is a green station with an antenna on the roof. It says BBTV with red and yellow writing on the top. The walls are made out of metal and wood.

Several windows can be seen on the building. The doors are dark green and there are two small windows on them. In the building itself, there are blue walls with stars and stripes on them.

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"We paid ten dollars for this?"

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