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Lord Royal Highness (LRH) (Their King)

The Atlantian citizens are a fictional race of species that have only appeared in the first TV movie Atlantis SquarePantis, and also appear in the video game of the same name. They were the ones who brought the Oldest Living Bubble to their city as a city treasure. Their current ruler is Lord Royal Highness (who is also known as LRH).


They are dark blue with red lips and have a helmet on their hands. Inside are kept their brains. They also have hair sticking out of the sides of their heads.


Atlantians mostly work in the Royal Castle, as those are most of the known jobs. Known occupations are:

  • Atlantian Minters (shut down)
  • Weapon Makers
  • Royal Guards
  • Atlantian Military
  • Royal Artists
  • Atlantian Scientists
  • Atlantian/Royal Chefs


  • The Atlantians are seen as males in the TV movie, however, in the Wii version you can hear a female.
  • The Atlantians are seen to be dim due to the fact that they worship a bubble.
  • Unlike the Bikini Bottomites, they like Squidward's talent.
  • They never want tourists again after SpongeBob and the gang visit, possibly due to SpongeBob destroying the oldest living bubble.
  • They aren't seen in the picture of Atlantis in Neptune's Spatula probably due to that LRH did not rule Atlantis then.
  • Due to Plankton's unknown escape they now have no grand treasure.
  • Their appearance greatly resembles the Blue Meanies from the Beatles animated music video Yellow Submarine.

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