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Astrology with Squidward

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Short Information
Astrology with Squidward
№: 1
Airdate: 2000-2001
Astrology With Squidward - Cancer (English Version)00:48

Astrology With Squidward - Cancer (English Version)

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"Astrology with Squidward" is a SpongeBob SquarePants [[List of shorts#|]]. In this short, Squidward is giving horoscopes for the zodiac.



At the beginning of every short, Squidward is playing his clarinet . After that, he congratulates the birthday of one the Zodiac signs and then starts "predicting". At the end of every short Squidward says "I'm Squidward, your Nicktoon astrologer", and plays his clarinet again.




  • Each episode aired during commercial breaks on Nickelodeon, one for each time of the year in Zodiac signs.
  • The Zodiac signs are represented by characters often crudely dressed up to look like the actual sign's animal.
  • Although the "micro-series" was somewhat popular, it was cut from Nickelodeon's line up after airing for a year, but is still sometimes aired on Nicktoons Network, along with many cancelled Nickelodeon mini-series and shows.
  • Sandy and Gary are the only main characters to be absent as a Zodiac sign or in this short.

More Episodes

File:Astrology With Squidward - Tarus (English Version)
File:Astrology with Squidward Gemini
Astrology With Squidward - Sagitarius (Russian)00:33

Astrology With Squidward - Sagitarius (Russian)

Astrology With Squidward - Leo (Russian)00:35

Astrology With Squidward - Leo (Russian)

Astrology With Squidward - Piecis (Russian)00:35

Astrology With Squidward - Piecis (Russian)

Skalmar Astrolog - LEW00:36

Skalmar Astrolog - LEW

Astrology With Squidward - Leo (Polish)

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