— Artist at Sea, Frankendoodle
Artist at Sea
The Artist At Sea
Occupation(s): Drawing
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Series information
First appearance: "Frankendoodle"
Latest appearance: Drawn to Life: SpongeBob Edition
Portrayer: Doug Lawrence
List of characters

The Artist at Sea is a character in the episode "Frankendoodle." He appears twice and is played by Doug Lawrence.


The Artist was first seen sketching a picture out at sea at the beginning of "Frankendoodle." But while he was drawing his sketch too fast, he dropped his pencil into the ocean. The French Narrator mentions that he should have brought a spare pencil with him. Later, he got it back with the help of SpongeBob and Patrick. Overjoyed to see his pencil back, he started to sketch another picture, but then his pencil lead broke and the Narrator mentioned that he should have brought a pencil sharpener with him to the ocean.


  • "Nnnnnooooo!"
  • "Huh? What's this? My pencil!"

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