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The art appraiser is a character who only appears in "Out of the Picture."


He is a purple fish with black glasses. He wears brown pants with a black belt and a green shirt with an orange and dark orange scarf around his neck. He also wears a brown hat with a red bow on the hat.


In "Out of the Picture," he tells Mr. Krabs that the art that Squidward made won't be worth a penny, but it would be much more valuable if he was out of the picture. He is about to buy the art while Squidward is in Mars, with Mr. Krabs telling him that Squidward is really gone for good, when a UFO drops Squidward off and flies away. When the Art Appraiser finds out that Squidward isn't gone, he rips the $150,000 tag. Later, when Squidward destroys some of his paintings with a power saw, he tells him that's true art, and Mr. Krabs joins in and they destroy the Krusty Krab. The Art Appraiser tells Mr. Krabs that he isn't paying him anything, as performance art is about the moment, and he can't put a price on it. When a piece of the roof falls on Mr. Krabs and Squidward, the Art Appraiser is amazed by it and puts it up at the Art Museum, and tells some fish how he acquired that masterpiece.


The art appraiser loves art and pays people who have good art, and put the good art up at the Art Museum. However, if someone has bad art, he won't buy it, but he will if the artist is out of the picture. He also likes seeing bad art getting destroyed, but won't pay for performance art, as it is about the moment.

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