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Anti-Sea Bear Circle

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Anti-Sea Bear Circle
First appearance: "The Camping Episode"
Latest appearance: Camping Chaos!

An Anti-Sea Bear Circle is a tactic used to counter a sea bear attack. A simple circle drawn in the dirt is the only way to protect oneself from a Sea Bear. It is seen in the episode "The Camping Episode" when SpongeBob and Patrick draw one to protect themselves from the Sea Bear. Squidward is attacked by a sea bear because he does everything that attracts them, but eventually goes inside SpongeBob and Patrick's circle. According to SpongeBob, it has to be an exact circle, and an oval won't work. SpongeBob and Patrick found out to protect themselves by reading Fake Science Monthly.

An Anti-Sea Bear Circle cannot hold off a Sea Rhinoceros, as Anti-Sea Rhinoceros Undergarments (underwear of any kind) need to be worn to protect oneself.

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