The animal shelter is a shelter that only appears in the episode "Plankton's Pet."



The outside of the animal shelter has a pretty rough design being made of rusting metal. It also has barbed wire at the very top and the place's name written in the middle in black text.


The inside of the animal shelter resembles almost the inside of a prison. It has many cages that keeps the animals locked away in.


SpongeBob apparently bought Gary at the animal shelter.

Role in episode

This is where Plankton goes to find his new pet, Spot.

Spot eventually runs away from Plankton and back to the animal shelter. Plankton goes with SpongeBob to retrieve Spot from here. After a lot of threatening animals are freed from their cages due to SpongeBob turning on the wrong switches, Spot shapeshifts into a large height to deter them away.


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