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Angry Mobs are groups of angry citizens that appear in some episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Known mobs

In the episode "Slide Whistle Stooges," they are Frank's minions, acting aggressively towards Squidward's habit of annoying them with slide whistles.

In the episode "Giant Squidward," they are the Lifeguard Fish's minions, chasing Squidward with pitchforks and torches. This mob thought of Squidward as a giant as a threat to Bikini Bottom.

In the episode "Sing a Song of Patrick," they are Fred's minions who want to stop the "horrible" music that Patrick wrote and spread across the radio.

In the episode "Squidville," Squidward is chased by an angry mob of squids for playing with a reef blower.

In the episode "Bubble Buddy," Squidward leads an angry mob to pop Bubble Buddy. However, the mob reforms after Bubble Buddy comes alive.

In the episode "The Sponge Who Could Fly," an angry mob has two scene appearances. In the first scene, they get angry when SpongeBob tells them he is unable to fly, Once the crowd shouts, "Let's get him!", the mob starts to get angry and the camera zooms to see SpongeBob falling down a cliff. After that, Peterson shouts, "Good riddance, dreamer!". In their next appearance when SpongeBob is heading to Jellyfish Fields, Timmy tells the other Bikini Bottomites to get SpongeBob, but they are unable to get him. However, Old Man Jenkins (not the fish with glasses) hits him and the mob reformed at the end.

In the episode "Clash of the Triton," the mob appears near the end of the episode. Near the end, Sadie tells the other Bikini Bottomites saying that Neptune told SpongeBob that he caused havoc. The mob chases SpongeBob, Patrick and the episode ends, with Mr. Krabs in question of that.

In the episode "Wigstruck," SpongeBob causes an angry mob when he tells the audience members not to start a riot when Scooter says, "That's a great idea! Let's start a riot!" to SpongeBob. The mob chases SpongeBob and Sandy. After Old Man Jenkins follows the mob, Frank the Doorman talks to Peterson saying, "I told you that movie is terrible."

In the episode "Patty Hype," an angry mob appears near the end of the episode. After Mr. Krabs says, "May I take your money?," Franco and the other Bikini Bottomites tell him that they want a refund. When Mr. Krabs runs away, the mob started chasing him by shouting, "Get him!". The mob keeps chasing Krabs as SpongeBob, who cannot hear Mr. Krabs rubs the pickles.

In the episode "Hello Bikini Bottom," the Angry Mob boos at SpongeBob and Squidward. In addition, Harold "Bill" Reginald leads the mob to chase off SpongeBob and Squidward off stage.

In the episode "Free Samples," the mob thinks the Krabby Patties taste bad because of Plankton.

In the episode "Chum Fricassee," The Angry Mob yelled at Squidward for serving undercooked chum and they teared up The French Restaurant, and Grandma Tentacles smashed Squidward's Foot again with her Walker.

In the episode "The Krabby Kronicle," The Mob was led by Martha Smith. Martha showed Mr. Krabs a newspaper photo of him holding a torch at SpongeBob. It said "Krabs overworks employee. Reaps reward. Krabby Kronicle Mastermind behind bogus stories pays his tired, under-age reporter pennies while he rakes in the dough". Martha just said, "How could you do that to such an innocent child?! You're sick and inhumane!". Sandy, Plankton, Larry, and Mrs. Puff joined in the mob. Plankton lost his restaurant because of Mr. Krabs and He thought he was evil. And all the kids in town want to beat Larry up for lunch money. And Mrs. Puff have to come back to her boating school watching daytime television. Martha gets angry and the Mob then took Mr. Krabs' money for making SpongeBob ruin people's lives.

In the episode "Little Yellow Book," the Mob hated Squidward because he was a diary thief, diary reader, and a jerk, because he viewed SpongeBob's diary without permission.

In the episode "Sponge-Cano," an angry mob first appears when the audience talks at once in the Bikini Bottom Shelter. When SpongeBob says that Squidward is the most miserable person in town, the crowd gets angry with him. They all attempt to throw Squidward into the volcano as a sacrifice, but Squidward's House blasted like a volcano to clog the other volcano. The mob cheered when the volcano got clogged.

In the episode "Fungus Among Us," an angry group of customers attempts to kill SpongeBob, because Mr. Krabs thinks the green plague is too dangerous to eat. They kept on attacking SpongeBob until it popped, causing plague to be everywhere until Gary started to clean them up.

In the episode "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" there are two angry mobs. The first is a group of angry citizens doing an ambush on the Krusty Krab, because SpongeBob left Bikini Bottom. Another angry mob is the Bubble Popping Boys. They attack SpongeBob by popping bubbles as their names imply until he captured them with a large bubble.

In the episode "Once Bitten," there are two mobs. A group of Krusty Krab customers formed an angry mob with torches, pitchforks, and nets when they heard Harold shouting to get Gary. Dr. Gill Gilliam prevented them from doing so, because he solved the problem: a splinter got stuck on his bottom tail. Another angry mob is a group of Bikini Bottomites who got zombified by an infected Gary.

In the episode "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy," an angry mob of elderly citizens appears when Mermaid Man shouts, "Sea Creatures, attack!". They kick SpongeBob and Patrick off of the Shady Shoals property.

In "Hooky," the customers act like an angry mob to Squidward by shouting, "Hurry up, will ya?", "That's not how to flip the patties", etc. They all grab and dump Squidward when Mr. Krabs is searching for SpongeBob and Patrick.

In "The Smoking Peanut," a crowd of Bikini Bottomites forms a mob and jeers at Patrick for disturbing Clamu. Sandals, the green fish, convinces the angry crowd to throw peanuts, as they are jeering. After Patrick says, "Ouch.," the crowd jeers. When SpongeBob tells the angry crowd that he is sorry for all citizens of Bikini Bottomites and Clamu, Sandals has had enough of SpongeBob's story. Sandals and the other spectators all attempt to kill SpongeBob and Patrick by throwing peanuts, but Joe (the zookeeper) stops them from throwing peanuts to tell them the real criminal. The crowd throws peanuts at Mr. Krabs before the episode ends after finding the solution of being the culprit in the Bikini Bottom Zoo for all the material stolen.

In "One Krabs Trash," Smitty Werben Jagerman Jensen (the undead skeleton fish) sends an angry mob of undead skeleton fish to kill Mr. Krabs to return his hat. Mr. Krabs was able to thwart the crowd of skeletons by ransacking a skeletal swordfish's head before morning.

In "Shuffleboarding," in the end, there is an angry mob chasing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy because they thought they put them all in jail, when it was really SpongeBob and Patrick.

In "Good Neighbors," an angry mob is gathered near Squidward's house after Squidward yelled "Get out of my house!" to SpongeBob and Patrick. The mob is led by a green fish. The green fish says to "behalf the city of Bikini Bottom" to pay off the damage to his city.

In the movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Mr. Krabs got angrily tells SpongeBob and Plankton what happened to the secret recipe while vanished, he tortures Plankton while SpongeBob laughing, and then the angry mob wants refund for Krabby Patty, until the mob gets away from SpongeBob and Plankton. But the mob destroys Bikini Bottom until ends due to the apocalypse and is chasing SpongeBob and Plankton. At last, Mr. Krabs reads the wrong formula and eventually, they threatened to kill SpongeBob while squash, SpongeBob smells like patties.

In "The Good Krabby Name," in the end, the angry mob is approaching Krusty Krab after the road collapsed, and they are destroying Krusty Krab.

In "As Seen on TV," the angry mob is still hungry and booing SpongeBob and they want Krabby Patties.

In "Truth or Square," the angry mob is waiting for Krabby Patties before they leave.

In "Drive Thru," the angry mob is waiting in a long line, because the Krusty Krab drive thru is slow.

In "20,000 Patties Under the Sea," the angry mob started throwing rocks at Plankton after he insults out of impatience.

In "Accidents Will Happen," an angry mob of customers appears in the beginning of the episode when Squidward is absent at the cashier.

In "Chum Bucket Supreme," the angry mob tastes chumsticks bad then take them out, the hockey team arrives at the Chum Bucket and beats up Plankton.

In "Wormy," the angry mod is led by SpongeBob, they attempt to kill the flying monster.

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