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Angry Jack's Shell Emporium

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Angry Jack's Shell Emporium
Angry Jack's Shell Emporium
Industry: Store
Founder: Angry Jack
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Angry Jack
Products: Shells
Appearance: "Shell Shocked"
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Angry Jack's Shell Emporium is a shell emporium that sells snail shells, owned by Angry Jack, who is not actually angry, he is just trying to sound angry to "reduce his inventory." It was only seen in the episode "Shell Shocked." SpongeBob owed Angry Jack money (because he broke all the shells in the emporium), but he only had change, so Angry Jack took his arm, kidney, an eye, and his clothes.



Angry Jack's Shell Emporium sells different types of shells. The store has at least one advertisement in the paper. SpongeBob saw the commercial on television but somehow interrupted Angry Jack during the commercial. Scooter and Angry Jack are the only people in the commercial.

LED-neon lights read "Angry Jack's Shell Emporium." The exterior is shaped like a giant purple snail shell with a red swirl. It has two windows and has many red and yellow flags around it. The inside is full of different types of shells on shelves.

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