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This is the page about Angry Jack. For other uses, see Jack (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with the Male Judge.
Hey! Get those numbers outta my face!
— Angry Jack, "Shell Shocked"

Angry Jack is a light green fish and the manager of Angry Jack's Shell Emporium who only appeared in the episode "Shell Shocked." He is actually a kind person who makes his commercials louder/better by being angry. However, when SpongeBob accidentally destroyed all the shells in his store, Angry Jack was very angry and had "Blistering Fury."


He is light green with light olive-green lips and wears a white shirt and a dark pink tie with light brown pants.


  • His appearance is similar to the Male Judge.
  • One can assume that Angry Jack has anger issues.
  • Angry Jack, with his loud voice, spoofs many pitchmen, such as Billy Mays, who usually speaks very loudly to sell the product that he is advertising, as he thinks that louder means better.

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