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Angry Jack

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Angry Jack
General information
Interests: Pretending to be angry
Occupation(s): Manager
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Eye color: Brown
Friends: SpongeBob (Sometimes)
Enemies: SpongeBob When he ruined his shells at Shell Shocked
First appearance: "Shell Shocked"
Latest appearance: "Shell Shocked"
Portrayer: Dee Snider
List of characters

Angry Jack is a green fish and the manager of Angry Jack's Shell Emporium who only appears in the episode "Shell Shocked." He is actually a kind person who makes his commercials louder/better by being angry. However, when SpongeBob accidentally destroyed all the shells in his store, Angry Jack had "Blistering Fury."


He is green in color and wears a white shirt and a dark pink tie. Angry Jack and his loud voice spoofs many pitchmen, such as Billy Mays, who usually spoke very loudly to sell the product that they're advertising for.

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