Angel Squidward is a fictional embodiment of Squidward's good moral compass. He appears in the episode "Sportz?"


He has a similar form to Squidward, except he wears a long white gown and four sandals, one on each leg. He also has a golden halo and a pair of angel wings, which look like they are attached to his body via shoulder straps.


Unlike Squidward, Angel Squidward is kind, as seen when he tries to convince Squidward to not purposely misteach SpongeBob and Patrick how to play sports.

However, he is capable of changing his point of view, as shown when either SpongeBob or Patrick hit him with a tennis ball, causing him to tell Squidward to "let 'em have it."

Role in episode

When SpongeBob asks Squidward to teach him and Patrick how to play sports, Squidward starts to say he would not do it, before Angel Squidward appears. Angel Squidward tries to convince Squidward to teach them properly, but after getting hit by a tennis ball, he goes along with Devil Squidward's plan.


  • His wings are apparently fake, as they seem to be strapped to his body.
    • His wings are never shown flapping, leaning towards the fact they may be fake.

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