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Angel & Devil Doughnut

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Angel Doughnut and Devil Doughnut

The Donut of Shame 18

The Donut of Shame 17

Interests: Giving Patrick ideas
Physical appearance
Color: White with Golden Sprinkles (Angel)
Red (Devil)
Classification: Doughnut Apparitions
Friends: Patrick Star
SpongeBob SquarePants (possibly)
Enemies: Each Other
Series information
Appearance: "The Donut of Shame"
List of characters

The Angel and Devil Doughnuts were two doughnuts who made a minor appearance in the episode, "The Donut of Shame."


They appear after Patrick steals SpongeBob's doughnut and interrogate Patrick of his actions. They appear to act like his conscience. The Angel Doughnut tries to stop Patrick from hiding the doughnut from SpongeBob, while the Devil Doughnut tells Patrick to not listen to the Angel Doughnut because "he's covered with sprinkles." The Devil Doughnut devises a plan in which Patrick hooks the doughnut to a chain, eats it, and can pull it back up with the aforementioned chain before SpongeBob finds out what happened. The Angel Doughnut admits that it was a good idea after the Devil Doughnut explains the plan. This plan, however, failed. When Patrick pulled the chain out of his mouth, the doughnut was no longer attached to the chain.


The Angel Doughnut

The Angel Doughnut is a white doughnut with golden sprinkles, angel wings, and a halo, giving Patrick good ideas.

The Devil Doughnut

The Devil Doughnut is a red doughnut, with devil horns and a red tail, who gives Patrick bad ideas.


  • This is just like some shows were it shows two personalities of the person on their shoulder with one giving good ideas while the other gives bad ideas.

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