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Donald the Shark flatting anchor arms
Anchor Arms are inflatable muscles that SpongeBob uses in the episode MuscleBob BuffPants. He bought them because he was tired of Sandy's exercise program. He saw a shark on TV with Anchor Arms advertising the product. It showed the shark before he got Anchor Arms as skinny and weak. The settings are as follows:
  • Strong
  • Veiny
  • Hairy (for the ladies)

Donald the Shark (before picture) is in the episode SpongeGuard on Duty with his family.

Battle for Bikini Bottom

A variant of the anchor arms is used to repair Robo-SpongeBob, after the real SpongeBob temporarily destroys him.


  • It is a reference to part of an anchor called the "arm", which is the part that curves out from the bottom end of the main part and ends in the pointed part.
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