The Achterhoek Dances is a medley of five traditional folk dances that are performed by bandoneon player Jan Rap. It is used mainly for the Krusty Krab or Mrs. Puff's Boating School. It is also used mainly for the characters Mr. Krabs, Patchy the Pirate, and Mrs. Puff.


First Achterhoek Dance

This dance is sometimes followed by the Second Achterhoek Dance.

Second Achterhoek Dance

When this dance plays, it usually follows the First Achterhoek Dance.

Third Achterhoek Dance

This is the only Achterhoek Dance to not debut in "Pickles." It has so far only been used in one episode.

  • 109a. "Boating Buddies" - The third track of the entirety of the first scene of Squidward in boating class.

Fourth Achterhoek Dance

Fifth Achterhoek Dance