Abrasive SpongeBob is SpongeBob's abrasive side/split-personality, and the main antagonist of the episode, "The Abrasive Side," where Gary orders an abrasive side so he is finally able to say no but just says mean things. He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He was forced off of SpongeBob's back at the end of the episode by Sandy, and growls like a dog in anger. He is then shipped back to the manufacturer. Grandma SquarePants orders an abrasive side at the very end of the episode, much to SpongeBob's shock and horror.


He has SpongeBob's face, but it is rough and green with bushier eyebrows.


He is mean and rude. He also has a stereotypical New Jersey accent.


  • His personality is similar to Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde or the Mask. Both are green and changes the personality. It is also similar to the symbiote from Spider-Man as it makes the wearer abrasive, like on Carnage he becomes more brutal.
  • He appears again in Super Brawl 3 as a playable character.
  • He is known to continuously interrupt SpongeBob when he is trying to say yes, and says no instead, even when SpongeBob tries to say yes for a good reason.
  • He is similar to Moldy Sponge from the short Moldy Sponge.
  • Abrasive SpongeBob is also an evil character, but it is possible he might be a clone of SpongeBob.
  • The Abrasive Side resembles the green scrubbing side of a sponge, which is the Scouring Pad.
    • The joke is that the abrasive side is very rough which is how it actually feels when being touched.

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