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Abigail[4] Marge[citation needed] is an aqua-blue female fish who appears in many episodes.


Abigail is aqua-blue in color, and her lips are a light teal color, and the color of her legs and dorsal fin are light aqua-green. She wears a purple dress and black shoes. Her appearance is very similar to Martha Smith, but the only differences are her lips, fin, the shape of her head, and her shoe color.


Abigail-Marge is married to Nat Peterson and is shown in numerous episodes with him such as "Idiot Box." She is also Dale's ex-girlfriend and they are shown together in many episodes such as "Krusty Dogs" and "Trident Trouble." She is the stepmother of Nat's daughter, Susie Rechid as revealed in "Chum Caverns."


"Idiot Box"

She appears giving a box as a gift to her husband, Nat Peterson.

"Rock-a-Bye Bivalve"

She appears with Nat Peterson wondering how SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star gave birth to a clam.

"Chum Caverns"

She appears with her stepdaughter, Susie Rechid, and tells her that the line for the elevator is very long.

"Krusty Dogs"

She appears with Dale buying Krusty Dogs at the Krusty Krab.

"Cave Dwelling Sponge"

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"The Clam Whisperer"

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  • "Trying to keep in style, huh?"
  • "Handsome!"
  • "Hey, up in front!"
  • "Hooray!" (as revealed in "Pickles," "The Pink Purloiner," and "Sun Bleached")
  • "It is the most flavoristic sensation my still developing taste buds have ever experienced!" (as a kid in "Friend or Foe")
  • "That's what I got you!" (male voice on TV)
  • "Well no wonder, it's all old and dried out, now put that thing where it belongs, in the garbage."
  • "A nudist FERRET!"
  • "Never mind to you, Susie, it's already too late for that."


  • Abigail's model number might be "48" as the production label for the kid version of her is "48 Kid".[5][6]


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