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A Swell Time

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A Swell Time
Writer: Bob Flynn
Art: Bob Flynn
Coloring: Bob Flynn
Lettering: Comicraft
Comic information
Series: SpongeBob Comics
Comic: SpongeBob Comics No. 2
Page: 30-31
Previous: All Wrapped Up
Next: Very Cherry
List of comic strips

A Swell Time is the fifth comic in SpongeBob Comics #2.



Patrick sees what he thinks is candy and points it out. SpongeBob tells Patrick to wait because there is a sign that reads, "Don't lick the candy coral." Patrick says that he will not do it. SpongeBob says that they will just admire its natural beauty. Soon, they cannot take the temptation anymore and start to lick it. They do not feel good.

They stick their tongues out and they are swelled up. They start knocking into each other.

Later, at the Bikini Bottom Hospital, Fred, who is a doctor, tells the two that the swelling has subsided and because they have been such good patients, they each get a lollipop. The two run away and Fred is confused.

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