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A Random Act of SpongeBob
A Random Act of SpongeBob
Type of shorts: Best Day Ever shorts
Airdate: November 2, 2006

A Random Act of SpongeBob is a series of five SpongeBob SquarePants shorts that aired at the time of the Best Day Ever marathon. They are currently available on the Season 4 Volume 2 and The Pilot a Mini-Movie and the Square Shorts DVDs.



Crossing the Street: SpongeBob attempts to help an old lady cross the street, but little did he know she wanted to take the bus. After SpongeBob is notified he runs after the bus, but trips and the old lady goes flying. She ends up using her umbrella to swing on a street light and flies into the bus, and says "Thank you" to SpongeBob. Two of the bus passengers include Tom and Fred. He gets run over by a boatmobile in the middle of replying "You're welcome!"

Anything for Baby: SpongeBob boards a bus, and sees that a baby is crying. So, he decides to cheer her up by making funny faces from outside the window. The baby cheers up, but the bus passes a sign (which says Bikini Bottom 300 miles) in which SpongeBob is caught on.

Flowers for Sandy: SpongeBob is carrying a bunch of packages into his house when he realizes that it's Surprise Sandy Day. So, he sneaks over to Sandy's Treedome and places a bouquet of flowers in the vase on her picnic table with a note that says. "To Sandy, the smartest, prettiest Squirrel in Bikini Bottom. Signed: A Friend."

Me Money: Mr. Krabs discovers that his money is gone, so he shakes Squidward hoping to find his money. As it turns out he did not have the money, but Mr. Krabs found SpongeBob in the kitchen cleaning all the coins and paper money. Mr. Krabs then put his money in his safe, where SpongeBob was cleaning inside.

Pie: SpongeBob and Patrick make a pie and one ingredient is Patrick's shorts. Then Squidward eats it and they ask him if he's seen their pie "the one we spent all day making, just for you?" Squidward is guilty, and he accidentally burps out Patrick's shorts.


  • Plankton is the only main character not to appear in any of these shorts.

Cultural references

  • The title is a parody of "A Random Act of Kindness."

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