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A#1 Wreckers
Industry: Car junkyard
Location: Bikini Bottom
Employment: Nat Peterson
First appearance: "A Life in a Day"
Latest appearance: "A Life in a Day"
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A#1 Wreckers is a car junkyard where they destroy cars to be made into new metal by traveling on a conveyor belt they are: crushed, ground, burnt, punched, and shot with a laser. It was featured only once in the episode "A Life in a Day." It is seen when Patrick is in a boat being crushed by a large conveyer belt with crushes above.


A#1 Wreckers is a large junkyard that has many wrecked cars in it. The sign hangs right over the front gate, reading "A#1 Wreckers" in large black writing. It is a scrapheap in other words.


Angry Jack close-up
"We paid ten dollars for this?"
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