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The 5 Star Krusty Krab was a re-furbished Krusty Krab which Squilliam Fancyson and his friends came to eat at. This restaurant has very friendly
5 Star Krusty Krab
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service, and has the qualities of a 5 star restaurant. This was a plot to impress Squilliam. When Squidward told Squilliam he owned a 5 Star restaurant, the Krusty Krew got to work. This restaurant was only seen in the episode Squilliam Returns. Patrick was a hat taker for the 5 Star Krusty Krab. Patrick thought that he was joining the United States Marine Corps and that is why he is wearing an army helmet.


  • Squidward Tentacles (manager, possibly chef)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants (waiter)
  • Eugene H. Krabs (chef)
  • Patrick Star (hat taker, coat checker)


The downfall of the restaurant occurred when SpongeBob went on a rampage because he forgot his name in an attempt to clear his mind of everything except fine dining and breathing. The Appetizer came to life and the restaurant completely fell apart. The Krusty Krab had now revealed its true identity, and Squidward returned to the life he never wanted. As the cashier at the Krusty Krab.

Krusty Krab (VTE)

Owner: Eugene H. Krabs

Major Employees: SpongeBob SquarePantsSquidward Tentacles

Minor Employees: JimPatrick StarSandy CheeksPearl KrabsGary the SnailCarlStanley S. SquarePants

Variations: 5 Star Krusty KrabKrabby O'Monday'sThe Kuddly KrabThe Krusty SpongeKrusty TowersKrusty Krab 2

Machines: DishwasherCashyPatty Gadget

Food: Krabby PattyCoral BitsKrusty Kid's MealPipsqueak PattyKrusty DogsKelp FriesMonster Krabby PattyKrusty Krab PizzaPattyChopper PattyNasty PattyKelp Rings

Other: Mobile Krusty KrabKrusty Krab PlaysetKrusty Krab Industries Labor AgreementPatty PalThe Eugene Krabs Memorial Wishing WellUtensil Stand

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