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Series information
Season: Season 6 (Until July 5)
Episodes Premiered: 31
Previous Year: 2009
Next Year: 2011

2010 was a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar.

Date Event(s)
January 2 A Pal for Gary and Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful premiered.
January 26 Viking-Sized Adventures was released.
February 6 Gary in Love and Rodeo Daze premiered.
February 15 Back to the Past and The Bad Guy Club for Villains premiered..
March 2 SpongeBob's Boating Bash was released in North America.
March 16 The SpongeBob's Last Stand DVD was released.
March 22 A Day Without Tears premiered.
March 23 Summer Job premiered.
March 24 Squidward in Clarinetland premiered.
March 25 One Coarse Meal premiered.
March 26 The Play's the Thing premiered.
SpongeBob's Boating Bash was released in Europe.
April 6 Rodeo Daze premiered in Japan.
SpongeBob, Soccer Star! was released.
April 22 SpongeBob's Last Stand premiered.
May 9 "Best Day Ever" and "The Gift of Gum" aired in the Netherlands.
May 27 Comic Crazy: Take 2 was released.
June 2 Exposed!: The Ultimate Box Set was released.
June 14 Really Big Box Set was released.
"Rodeo Daze" premiered in Europe.
June 19 Enchanted Tiki Dreams premiered.
July 5 The Clash of Triton premiered.
July 6 Gramma's Secret Recipe premiered.
July 7 The Cent of Money premiered.
July 8 That Sinking Feeling premiered.
July 9 Karate Star premiered.
July 13 Triton's Revenge was released.
SpongeGod and The Story of King Neptune premiered.
August 7 The Big Book of SpongeBob! was released.
August 9 You Don't Know Sponge and Hide and Then What Happens? premiered.
September 10 "Rodeo Daze" premiered in Canada.
September 11 Yours, Mine and Mine and Kracked Krabs premiered.
September 17 SpongeBob's Truth or Square, the game, was released in Europe.
September 18 Buried in Time and Shellback Shenanigans premiered.
September 21 The Great Train Mystery was released.
October 2 The Masterpiece and Whelk Attack premiered.
October 5 Tips for Jellyfish Fields, Jellyfishing Safety Tips, and Plankton Pays premiered.
October 7 SpongeBob Marbles & Slides was released.
October 9 Krusty Dogs and The Wreck of the Mauna Loa premiered.
October 22 SpongeBob Marbles & Slides was updated for the first time.
October 30 Moldy Sponge premiered.
November 1 The Complete Sixth Season was released in the UK.
November 11 The Great Patty Caper premiered.
November 16 Legends of Bikini Bottom was released.
SpongeBob's Legendary Dance Party, Things to Do When Encountering a Legendary Creature, and The Legend of SpongeBob premiered.
November 17 The Abrasive Side and Earworm premiered in the UK.
November 27 The Abrasive Side and Earworm premiered.
December 2 SpongeBob Marbles & Slides was updated for the second time.
December 7 Season 6 Volume 2 was released.

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