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General Information
Network: Nickelodeon Japan


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Distributor: MTVネットワークス·インターナショナル
(MTV Networks International)
Original run: 2002 - 現在
International SpongeBob SquarePants

スポンジ・ボブ (Suponji Bobu, pronunced Sponge Bobble) is the Japanese dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. There are two dubs of the show. The first dub is season 1-3, and the current dub is season 4-present. In the current dub, the voice actors of SpongeBob, Sandy, and Plankton are different. It is part of the International SpongeBob SquarePants.

Character translations

Voice cast

  • SpongeBob: Hiroyuki Tsuru (Seasons 1-3), Taiki Matsuno (Season 4-current)
  • Patrick: Ikuko Tani (series), Takashi Nagasako (first movie), Kōmyō Kanuka (second movie)
  • Ikardo: Rokurō Naya (series), Yōji Ueda (second movie-present)
  • Mr. Krabs: Keijin Okuda
  • Sandy: Yūko Ogiso (Seasons 1-3), Chie Matsuura (Season 3-Current)
  • Plankton: Yūko Ogiso (Seasons 1-3), Chie Matsuura (Season 3-Current)
  • Pearl: Ikuko Tani
  • Larry: Keijin Okuda


  • Squidward's name is changed to Ikardo, a pun on the Japanese translation for Ricardo, "Rikarudo."
  • Bikini Bottom is called Bikini Town (ビキニタウン).
  • For the 2nd dub, the theme song is in a higher key.
  • The Krusty Krab is renamed カニカーニ (Kanikāni).
  • Krabby Patties are renamed カーニバーガー (Kānibāgā).


Episode name changes

Season 1

  • バイト募集中 -> Job Wanted (Help Wanted) (Baito boshū-chū)
  • 海の掃除機 -> Underwater Vacuum Cleaner (Reef Blower) (Umi no zōjiki)
  • 水がない! -> There's No Water! (Tea at the Treedome) (Mizu ga nai!)
  • シャボン玉 -> Bubble Blower (Bubblestand) (Shabontama)
  • 破れたパンツ -> Ripped Pants (Ripped Pants) (Yabureta pantsu)
  • クラゲ採り -> Jellyfish Catching (Jellyfishing) (Kurage-tori)
  • いたずらプランクトン -> Naughty Plankton (Plankton!) (Itazura purankuton)
  • 仲直り大作戦! -> Reconciliation Battle!(Naughty Nautical Neighbors) (Nakanaori dai sakusen!)
  • 運転は難しい! -> Driving is Hard!(Boating School) (Unten wa muzukashī!)
  • デリバリーピザ -> Pizza Delivery (Pizza Delivery) (Deribarīpiza)
  • ああ-いとしのパイナップル -> Oh, Beloved Pineapple (Home Sweet Pineapple) (Ā - itoshi no painappuru)
  • マーメイドマンとフジツボボーイ -> Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy) (Māmeidoman to fujitsubobōi)
  • カーニバーガーの作り方 -> How to Make a Kani Burger (Pickles) (Kānibāgā no tsukurikata)
  • スポンジ・ボブのクラス委員? -> SpongeBob's Classmates? (Hall Monitor)
  • クラゲ・ダンサーズ -> Jellyfish Dancers (Jellyfish Jam)
  • サンディのロケット -> Sandy's Rocket (Sandy's Rocket)
  • うるさい長靴 -> Noisy Boots (Squeaky Boots)
  • クラゲになりたい! -> I Want to Be a Jellyfish! (Nature Pants)
  • あべこべの日 -> Topsy-Turvy Day (Opposite Day)
  • カルチャーショック -> Culture Shock (Culture Shock)
  • プランクトンは友達? -> Plankton is a Friend? (F.U.N.)
  • スポンジ・ムキムキ・ボブ -> Sponge-Muscle-Bob (MuscleBob BuffPants)
  • イカルドの幽霊、現る!? -> Ikarudo's Ghost, appears!? (Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost)
  • スポンジ・ボブのエスコート -> SpongeBob's Escort (The Chaperone)
  • 今月の頑張ったで賞 -> This Month's Hard Work Award (Employee of the Month)
  • スポンジ・ボブの反撃 -> SpongeBob's Counterattack (Scaredy Pants)
  • ゲイリーの病気 -> Sick Gary (I Was a Teenage Gary)
  • タイムマシーン -> Time Machine (SB-129)
  • 空手大好き -> I Love Karate (Karate Choppers)
  • 夢の中? -> In a Dream? (Sleepy Time)
  • 風邪ひきスポンジ・ボブ -> SpongeBob Catches a Cold (Suds)
  • バレンタイン・デー -> Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day)
  • かみあそび -> Playing with Paper (The Paper)
  • まったくもう! -> Argh! (Arrgh!)
  • ロックボトム行きバス! -> Rock Bottom Bound Bus! (Rock Bottom)
  • テキサス -> Texas (Texas)
  • プランクトンの叫び -> Plankton's Cry (Walking Small)
  • エイプリルフール -> April Fools (Fools in April)
  • ネプチューン王のへら -> King Neptune's Spatula (Neptune's Spatula)
  • つり針あそび -> Playing with Fishhooks (Hooky)
  • マーメードマンとフジツボボーイII -> Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II)

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

  • 過激なスポーツ -> Extreme Spots (Extreme Spots)
  • 世界記録に挑戦! -> Challenge the world record! (Squirrel Record)
  • パトリックマンは正義の味方? -> Patrick-Man is a friend of justice? (Patrick-Man!)
  • ゲイリーの新しいオモチャ -> New toys of Gary (Gary's New Toy)
  • ミルクシェイクの免許 -> Milkshake license (License to Milkshake)
  • 赤ちゃんイカルド -> Baby Ikarudo (Squid Baby)



2011 McD Japan SpongeBob

SpongeBob Japan Happy Meals

  • Patrick, Plankton, and Mermaid Man are given female voice actors in the series.
  • Mr. Krabs is called "Kani-san" in the dub. "Kani" is Japanese for "crab," and "-san" is a suffix attached to the end of a married male to refer to them in a formal way in Japan.
  • Likewise, Ms. Puff's Japanese name, "Puff-sensei," has the suffix "-sensei," which is attached to the end of a teacher's name to refer to them formally in Japan.
  • The Japanese version used to air on Nickelodeon's Japanese station, but it was shut down on September 30th, 2009 (the same day Nickelodeon changed they're logo), and it stopped airing for unknown reasons, meaning that it moved to the Japanese MTV and NHK.
  • "Big Pink Loser" and "The Great Snail Race"'s Japanese titles both have the term "Ganbare," which means "go for it." Both, especially The Great Snail Race, titles could be a reference to the Konami video game series Ganbare Goemon.
  • In this version, the ending theme is different from the English and international versions.
  • A Japanese advertisement for SpongeBob toys in the Happy Meal in McDonalds Japan became an internet meme, because the commercial stars some kids who try some toys and have bizarre reactions.


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