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Rank First Three Seasons of SpongeBob Episodes

Few SpongeBob fans who grew up watching the show during its genesis can argue that the first three seasons (before the first movie came out) are easily the highest quality. Their cleverness, subtlety, and entertaining nature are things future seasons aspired to imitate. Here’s my ranking for ALL 117 episodes from the first three seasons, and feel free to share your thoughts on my list or provide a list of your own.

117. “Walking Small” (Season 1, Episode 18b)
116. “Neptune’s Spatula” (S1,E19b)
115. “Krabby Land” (S3,E17a)
114. “Gary Takes a Bath“ (S2,E13b)
113. “My Pretty Seahorse” (S3,E2b)
112. “Reef Blower” (S1,E1b)
111. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV” (S3,E5a)
110. “Born Again Krabs” (S3:E16a)
109. “Valentine’s Day” (S1,E16a)
108. “The Smoking Peanut” (S2,E12b)
107. “The Algae’s Always Greener” (S3,E1a)
106. “The Great Snail Race” (S3,E15a)
105. “I Was a Teenage Gary” (S1,E13b)
104. “Bossy Boots” (S2,E2b)
103. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II” (S1,E20b)
102. “I’m Your Biggest Fanatic” (S2,E10b)
101. “Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm” (S2,E20b)
100. “The Bully” (S3,E3b)
99. “Karate Choppers” (S1,E14b)
98. “Plankton!” (S1,E3b)
97. “I Had an Accident” (S3,E16b)
96. “Dumped” (S2,E9b)
95. “Plankton’s Army” (S3,E18b)
94. “Patty Hype” (S2,E5b)
93. “Welcome to the Chum Bucket” (S2,E14a)
92. “Bubble Buddy” (S2,E3b)
91. “New Student Starfish” (S3,E13a)
90. “Squilliam Returns” (S3,E8b)
89. “Scaredy Pants” (S1,E13a)
88. “Grandma’s Kisses” (S2,E6a)
87. “Your Shoe’s Untied” (S2,E1a)
86. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy” (S1,E6a)
85. “SpongeBob Meets the Strangler” (S3,E20a)
84. “Pickles” (S1,E6b)
83. “Sailor Mouth” (S2,E18a)
82. “The Chaperone” (S1,E12a)
81. “Jellyfish Hunter” (S2,E19a)
80. “F.U.N.” (S1,E10b)
79. “Opposite Day” (S1,E9b)
78. “SpongeGuard On Duty” (S3,E1b)
77. “The Sponge Who Could Fly” (S3,E19)
76. “The Fry Cook Games” (S2,E19b)
75. “No Weenies Allowed” (S3,E8a)
74. “Nature Pants” (S1,E9a)
73. “MuscleBob BuffPants” (S1,E11a)
72. “Squirrel Jokes” (S2,E11b)
71. “Bubblestand” (S1,E2a)
70. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III” (S2,E11a)
69. “Artist Unknown” (S2,E18b)
68. “Hooky” (S1,E20a)
67. “Pranks a Lot” (S3,E20b)
66. “Squeaky Boots” (S1,E8b)
65. “Mid-Life Crustacean” (S3,E15b)
64. “Doing Time” (S3,E5b)
63. “Culture Shock” (S1,E10a)
62. “Imitation Krabs” (S2,E4b)
61. “Big Pink Loser” (S2,E3a)
60. “Ripped Pants” (S1,E2b)
59. “Clams” (S3,E13b)
58. “Texas” (S1,E18a)
57. “Wormy” (S2,E5a)
56. “Procrastination” (S2,E17a)
55. “Pressure” (S2,E12a)
54. “Something Smells” (S2,E2a)
53. “Missing Identity” (S3,E18a)
52. “Prehibernation Week” (S2,E7a)
51. “Jellyfishing” (S1,E3a)
50. “The Secret Box” (S2,E15a)
49. “Suds” (S1,E15b)
48. “Squid On Strike” (S2,E20a)
47. “Help Wanted” (S1,E1a)
46. “Rock-a-Bye Bivalve” (S3,E9b)
45. “As Seen On TV” (S3,E7a)
44. “Chocolate with Nuts” (S3,E12a)
43. “No Free Rides” (S2,E10a)
42. “Boating School” (S1,E4b)
41. “Tea at the Treedome” (S1,E1c)
40. “Squidville” (S2,E6b)
39. “SpongeBob B.C.” (S3,E14)
38. “Wet Painters” (S3,E10a)
37. “Snowball Effect” (S3,E6a)
36. “Idiot Box” (S3,E4b)
35. “Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost” (S1,E11b)
34. “The Paper” (S1,E16b)
33. “Squid’s Day Off” (S2,E1b)
32. “Krusty Love” (S2,E16b)
31. “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V” (S3,E12b)
30. “I’m with Stupid” (S2,E17b)
29. “Party Pooper Pants” (S3,E11)
28. “Jellyfish Jam” (S1,E7b)
27. “Krusty Krab Training Video” (S3,E10b)
26. “Naughty Nautical Neighbors” (S1,E4a)
25. “The Camping Episode” (S3,E17b)
24. “Christmas Who?” (S2,E8)
23. “Home Sweet Pineapple” (S1,E5b)
22. “Sleepy Time” (S1,E15a)
21. “Life of Crime” (S2,E7b)
20. “Frankendoodle” (S2,E14b)
19. “Rock Bottom” (S1,E17b)
18. “Can You Spare a Dime?” (S3,E7b)
17. “Sandy’s Rocket” (S1,E8a)
16. “Arrgh!” (S1,E17a)
15. “Krab Borg” (S3,E9a)
14. “Just One Bite” (S3,E3a)
13. “One Krab’s Trash” (S3,E6b)
12. “Employee of the Month” (S1,E12b)
11. “Shanghaied” (S2,E13a)
10. “Band Geeks” (S2,E15b)
09. “Dying for Pie” (S2,E4a)
08. “Graveyard Shift” (S2,E16a)
07. “Nasty Patty” (S3,E4a)
06. “Fools In April” (S1,E19a)
05. “Club SpongeBob” (S3,E2a)
04. “Survival of the Idiots” (S2,E9a)
03. “Hall Monitor” (S1,E7a)
02. “SB-129” (S1,E14a)
01. “Pizza Delivery” (S1,E5a)
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Please rank every season and give your thoughts on them!

(Best to worst) The title says it all. Here’s my ranks.
Season 3: Has a lot of my all-time favorite episodes, and the episodes that are commonly disliked from this season aren’t that bad to me.
Season 4: Despite Good Neighbors, The Thing, and a few others, this season is very similar to season 3. Another amazing one!
Season 1: A great start to this show, I think it’s a LITTLE too overrated, but I still love it to bits.
Season 2: Mostly the same for season 1 except a little bit more overrated and I like it a little less.
Season 5: An okay season, has a lot of good episodes but quite a bit of bad ones. I’d skip a lot of the bad episodes just to watch the amazing ones like Mermaid Man Vs SpongeBob.
Season 9: Nearly exactly the same as season 5, but a little worse because most of 9a is just boring.
Season 8: I like this one quite a bit, but there’s a big sea (Haha) of bland and forgettable episodes.
Season 6: This season isn’t ALL bad. To be honest, most of the gross out humor does nothing for me, so that makes some of the episodes just boring, but there are some really great gems in here.
Season 10: Think 9b, but a little worse. I think with the exceptions of Mimic Madness and Krusty Katering that this season was pretty okay if not a little lame.
Season 11 (So far): There’s so in this season. None of the episodes that have aired so far come close to touching 9b in quality. I would honestly just skip this season if there are no other good episodes.
Season 7: The big bad. I feel like this one’s a little overhated but there are so many bland episodes this season, in my opinion, out of the 50 episodes, only like a quarter of them are good.
1 5